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Print on Demand Book Printing

Harmony Publishing – The Best Print-On-Demand Publishing Services

Top-notch print-on-demand publishing services that ensure the right combination of quality, affordability, & variety.

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What is Print-On-Demand Publishing?

Print-On-Demand (POD) is a revolutionary publishing method that enables you to print copies of your book as and when required. With Harmony Publishing’s POD services; you don’t need to worry about large print runs or storage space. We print your books one at a time to ensure cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and environmental friendliness.

Advantages of Print-On-Demand Services from Harmony Services

Quality Printing

At Harmony Publishing, we take pride in delivering top-notch print quality. No matter, whether you prefer a classic hardcover or a flexible softcover, our state-of-the-art printing technology ensures your book looks and feels professional.

Global Reach

Our on-demand book printing services go beyond the borders. We can help you print books in the USA and across the globe. It means your readers can access your work from any corner of the globe, which ultimately expands your reach and readership.

No Minimum Order Quantity

There are no minimum order requirements, so you can order as few or as many copies as you need, reducing upfront investment.

Reasonable Prices

With our print-on-demand services, you only print what you sell, saving you money and resources. It makes publishing with Harmony Publishing a budget-friendly choice for authors of all backgrounds.

Dedicated Support

Our team of experts is here to resolve all your queries & guide you through the entire POD process & at every step of the way.

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How Does It Work?

1. Upload Your Manuscript

Start by uploading your completed manuscript to our secure platform. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate, & allows you to effortlessly manage your project during the entire process.

2. Customize Your Printing Options

Once your manuscript is uploaded, you can customize your printing options. Choose your preferred format, select paper quality, and decide on other specifications to tailor your book to your vision.

3. Review and Approve

After customizing your printing options, you’ll have the chance to review a digital proof of your book. Take your time to ensure everything looks perfect before proceeding ahead.

4. Print on Demand

Once approved, we will initiate the printing process. Our print-on-demand services allow us to produce your book quickly and efficiently to ensure fast turnaround times without compromising on quality.

5. Distribution and Fulfillment

After finishing the printing process, we’ll manage the distribution and fulfillment of your book orders. Our team will distribute your book on different platforms like Amazon, etc. so it reaches its target audience.

Harmony Publishing – Your Trusted Partner for Self-Publishing Success

At Harmony Publishing, we’re passionate about helping authors like you achieve their publishing goals. We offer a comprehensive suite of services in addition to print-on-demand, including:

  • Editing and proofreading
  • Book cover design
  • Formatting and layout
  • Marketing and promotion
  • E-book creation and distribution

By collaborating with Harmony Publishing, you will benefit from our years of expertise, dedication, & commitment.

Turn Your Writing Dreams into Reality with Harmony Publishing

Take the first step toward publishing success with Harmony Publishing’s on-demand book printing services. Join countless authors who have brought their stories to life with our user-friendly platform and professional printing services.

Let us be your partner in turning your writing dreams into a published reality!
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Q- What is print-on-demand?
A- Print-on-demand is a publishing method, where book copies are published only when required. It reduces costs & enables authors to publish without any difficulties.

Q- How much do print-on-demand publishing services cost?
A- We can’t provide an accurate cost of on-demand book printing, as it depends on various factors like book size, number of pages, color, type of binding, etc.

Q- Is it possible to distribute the book internationally with print-on-demand services?
A- Yes! We can help you print books in the USA and around the globe. Our global distribution networks allow us to ship your book internationally.

Q- What file formats do you accept for manuscript submission?
A- We accept a variety of file formats, including but not limited to Word documents (DOC/DOCX), PDFs, and formatted eBooks. Our submission process is designed to be flexible and accommodating.

Q- How long does it take for my book to be printed and shipped?
A- The printing and shipping timeline varies, but we strive to deliver your books efficiently. Once you approve the final design, we initiate the printing process, and shipping times depend on the destination. Our goal is to get your book into readers’ hands as quickly as possible.


Harmony Publishing is a self-publishing company that offers a wide range of services to help you print and publish your book. We offer hardcover and softcover formats, and our books are made in the USA and around the world . We can print your book in as fast as 7 days!


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