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Self-publishing is much faster than working with a traditional publisher, which often takes a year or longer. You can essentially print your own book and have it be available for worldwide distribution within 6 weeks of the date we receive the manuscript.

You don’t need to know a lot about computers or the Internet to self-publish with us. Because Harmony Publishing has a robust technological infrastructure, we are able to help authors with all aspects of self-publishing a book. We will take care of all the technical aspects, while you concentrate on doing what you do best—writing! Of course, if you do have computer-related questions, our support staff is on hand to provide any answers you may need.

Get a free publishing consultation
You’ll begin the self-publishing process with an in-depth conversation with a publishing consultant to discuss your book project, and then choose the services that align with your goals. From copy editing to promotional press releases, you have the flexibility to create a custom project plan for the submission, production, and promotion of your book.

You can submit your completed manuscript to us as an electronic format. Our preferred file formats are Word or Adobe InDesign. Submitting your manuscript in electronic form gives you, the author, more direct control of appearance and content. To ensure that your manuscript is ready for publishing, please review your writing carefully and complete all final revisions before submission. Although you’ll be able to review an interior and cover of your book and make revisions before it is printed, you’ll have the first copy of your book quicker if final editing is done before the publishing process.

Our book publishing company also provides indexing and copy editing services. If your book contains an index, simply send us a list of words you wish to include, and we will auto-create the index for you (there is an additional fee for this service). We cannot enter indexes by hand. You can also choose to use our copy editing services. When you do self-publishing, we recommend having your book edited to avoid embarrassing errors and typos. Our copy editors will not edit your manuscript for content or style changes. You, as the author, have control over how to publish your novel, as well as the exact content of your book.

You do not need to be represented by a literary agent to have your work considered by Harmony Publishing

Harmony Publishing is able to publish your book and make it available in e-book, audiobook, paperback, and hardback formats. We can print books with both black-and-white and full-color interiors.

We offer several trim sizes to meet your needs. Black and White books come in 5″x 8″, 6″ x 9″, and 8.25″ x 11″ sizes. Full Color books are offered in 8.5″ x 8.5″ and 8.5″ x 11″ sizes.

Yes, images can be included in your book. Black and White books can incorporate black-and-white or grayscale images, while Full Color books can include full-color images.

We are self publishing company so we publish what the author wants to publish

  • General and literary fiction
  • Creative non-fiction
  • Historical fiction
  • Children’s books
  • Poetry
  • Religion
  • Educational/academic
  • Etc

If you are submitting a manuscript, please send us one sample chapters, a synopsis of the plot and a short author biography.

Who can I consult if I have general enquiries about publishing with Harmony Publishing?

You can send a mail to or call +2347032212481

Yes, we do. Harmony Publishing accept manuscript over the world and can publish and distribute worldwide.

Offset printing is a method of mass-production printing in which digital book files are converted into film negatives that are used to etch the pages of a book into custom metal plates. After ink is added to the plates, large rollers pick up the ink from the plates and then transfer it to paper. Offset printing is commonly used in traditional publishing, allowing authors to print their books in bulk.

The cost of offset printing is quoted on a case-by-case basis, depending on your book’s format and the volume you wish to print. Please contact us for more information.

Yes. To benefit financially from your offset investment, we suggest that you plan to print a minimum of 1,000 units. Please contact us for more information.

The timeframe will depend on the length of your manuscript and the level of editing required. However, editing is done on a first-come first-served basis and fulfilment of our services can take up to 1 to 2 weeks. At any given point, there are several manuscripts waiting for editing. Our editing staff takes these in the order they are received. Your patience will be rewarded with a professionally edited manuscript.

Confidentiality is essential for an atmosphere of professional honesty. Just as we protect our authors’ privacy by prohibiting our editors from disclosing information from any editing done, we likewise do not disclose our editors’ identities. Maintaining this confidential relationship allows our editors to provide straightforward, honest feedback.

Higher editorial quality can give you more credibility as an author, while a book that is filled with errors can hurt an author’s reputation. No matter how you publish your book, you’ve made a promise to your readers that it contains all the elements expected in a professionally published work.

This timeline is approximate and does not include editorial, illustration or special design services that will require additional time to complete. We will do our best to avoid any delays. If a delay should occur, we will inform you of the issue as soon as possible. Also do your best to respond back us with a revision. So we can say that our book publishing time is usually between 4 to 6 weeks.

Step 1: Make us you are ready to publish
Step 2: Submit materials/manuscript

Introductory call (1-2 business days of submission of your manuscript): We will contact you to discuss your book publishing details.

Provide book information and upload manuscript: You can use our online submission tool to provide the information and files we need to begin the publishing process

Content evaluation (1 business days): We will review the content of your manuscript to ensure it meets our standards.

Review of supplied materials (1 business days): we will ensure that your files are ready for layout and design.

Step 3: Layout and design
During this step we will begin the design process.

Cover and book interior design (1 to 2 weeks): The designer team will create the first proofs of the cover design and interior layout for your book

Design quality assurance check (1 business days): You will review the designers’ work to ensure the highest quality that reflect your requests.

At this time, you can approve the design or request revisions. Please review the proofs thoroughly to ensure your satisfaction. If you need to make changes, your publishing package includes one set of changes to the cover. After reviewing your first proof, you may also make up to 10 author changes to the interior layout in your first round of revisions. Formatting changes to the interior will be completed at no cost.

Step 4: Proof revisions

Submit interior revisions: If you need to make changes to the interior, you can submit your changes inside the PDF files or through WhatsApp.

Interior revisions (2 to 3 business days): The book’s interior designer will implement the changes you sent.

Proofs provided for your review: After reviewing the revised work, we will send you your revised proofs to review. Once you are satisfied with your proofs, then we move to the next step.


Submit cover revisions: The book’s cover designer will implement the changes you sent.

Cover revisions (1 to 2 business days): The book’s cover designer will implement the changes you sent

Proofs provided for your review: After reviewing the revised work, we will send you your revised proofs to review. Once you are satisfied with your proofs, we will move to the next step. We will not be liable for any errors. What is approved on the print files is exactly what will appear on the physical copy.

Step 5: Sent to print

Approval of cover and book interior: After the approval for your interior and cover are received, the process of sending your book to the printer can begin.

Final quality assurance (1-2 business days):

The design team will perform a final quality check to ensure that everything is in the proper format for our print partners.

Printer processing (1-2 business days): We will submit your files to our print partners, and it will be processed by them. Once the printer set up is complete, your book printing will begin.

Printer copy (7-14 business days): Your book will be printed and shipped to you. Shipping fee will be sent to you.

Step 6: Promote book

We will include your book in our online ebook publishing platform and be available for customers worldwide. Please note we have different ebook package if you want us to upload on your own account.

If you would like to discuss additional promotional services, contact us.

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Harmony Publishing is a self-publishing company that offers a wide range of services to help you print and publish your book. We offer hardcover and softcover formats, and our books are made in the USA and around the world . We can print your book in as fast as 7 days!


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