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Premium Children’s Book Publishing Services

We love to publish children’s books. They spark the imagination, nurture curiosity, and create lifelong memories. We’re passionate about helping authors and illustrators bring their stories to life, captivating young readers across the USA.

The team at Harmony Publishing understands the books and the passion behind them. We are here to make your children’s book a reality. We are your one-stop destination for all your book publishing needs.

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Why Choose Harmony for Your Children’s Book?

By choosing us, you will experience the following advantages:

1. Experienced Team
With years of experience in the publishing industry, the team at Harmony Publishing understands the unique requirements of children’s books. From colorful illustrations to interesting storytelling, we know how to publish a book that kids love.

2. Comprehensive Services
We offer a complete publishing package, from Manuscript evaluation to cover design to distribution, and assistance.

3. Customization
We recognize that every child’s book is special and deserves personalized attention. Whether it’s a whimsical picture book or an adventurous middle-grade novel, we work closely with authors to bring their vision to life. Our customizable publishing packages allow authors to tailor their publishing journey to their needs and preferences.

4. 100% Unique Illustrations
We provide you with 100% unique illustrations, specially created for each book. Our talented team of illustrators works closely with authors to bring their characters and stories to life in a way that is both visually stunning and completely original.

Our Children’s Book Publishing Procedure

1. Consultation
Our process starts with initial discussion, where we get to know your vision for the book and decide the best publishing approach for you.

2. Illustrations
Next, based on your description details and references, we will create illustrations that perfectly align with your vision, including every scene and background.

3. Book Design and Layout
Our skilled team of designers will create a visually appealing layout that goes well with your story & illustrations. We understand the importance of attractive visuals in capturing a kid’s attention.

4. Proofreading and Editing
Our experts will analyze the whole structure, identify potential errors, understand the context, check each sentence, and rectify typos & grammar errors to improve the readability.

5. Book Printing and Production
We use top-notch technology and ensure that every word and detail is produced with excellent clarity. We offer a variety of printing options to suit your budget and needs.

6. Distribution and Marketing Assistance
We can help you explore distribution channels to reach bookstores, libraries, and online retailers. Additionally, we can offer guidance on developing marketing strategies to promote your book.

Let’s Work Together to Create Magic

Harmony Publishing has been helping millions of authors like you to take control of their publishing journey. Work with our experienced team of experts who are dedicated to helping you achieve your publishing goals. We look forward to collaborating with you to create a book that inspires the next generation of readers.


Q- What types of children’s books do you publish?
A- We publish a wide variety of children’s books, including picture books, chapter books, middle-grade novels, and young adult novels.

Q- What are your submission guidelines?
A- Please visit our website for detailed submission guidelines. These guidelines outline formatting requirements, sample requests (if applicable), and contact information.

Q- Who holds the copyright of the book after the project is finished?
A- The copyrights of books including the illustrations, designs, etc. are transferred to the author, providing them the full ownership over the book.

Q- Can you help me to distribute the book worldwide?
A- Absolutely! With our marketing and distribution services, we can help you distribute your book across the US and the world.


Harmony Publishing is a self-publishing company that offers a wide range of services to help you print and publish your book. We offer hardcover and softcover formats, and our books are made in the USA and around the world . We can print your book in as fast as 7 days!


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