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Harmony Publishing – Your Gateway to Kindle Direct Publishing Excellence

At Harmony Publishing, we understand the dream of becoming a published author. We also recognize the challenges that self-publishing presents, particularly the complexities of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Our Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing services are designed to turn your vision into a reality.

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Seamless KDP Integration:

Harmony Publishing smoothly integrates with KDP, streamlining the publishing process for authors. Our experts will:

Guide You through KDP Setup

We help you establish your KDP account, understand its features, and optimize your book’s listing for maximum reach.

Prepare Your Manuscript For KPD

Our team will ensure the manuscript sticks to KDP’s formatting guidelines to ensure smooth and error-free publishing on Amazon.

Create Professional Book Covers

The professional designers at Harmony Publishing will design visually appealing & stunning book covers that grab the attention of readers, along with reflecting the book’s message & genre.

Upload & Publish the Book

Once everything is done properly, our team will handle all the technical aspects of uploading & publishing a book on Amazon KDP. We will ensure every piece of information & file is complete & accurate.

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A Comprehensive Approach

Harmony Publishing goes beyond simply uploading your book. We offer a range of personalized services to enhance your KDP experience:

  • Editing and Proofreading: Our experienced editors carefully edit your manuscript for clarity, grammar, and flow, ensuring a professional and polished final product.
  • Marketing and Promotion: We help you develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to reach your target audience and boost your book’s visibility on Amazon and beyond.
  • Pre-Order Management: We assist you in setting up and managing pre-orders to generate anticipation and excitement for your book launch.
  • Author Support: We provide ongoing guidance and support throughout your publishing journey, answering your questions and addressing your concerns.

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Quality You Can Trust

Harmony Publishing takes pride in delivering exceptional quality in every aspect of our services. We use the industry’s best tools and technologies, and our team comprises experienced professionals with a passion for literature and publishing. We offer:

High-Quality Printing

You can choose from a wide variety of hardcover & softcover options, all printed using premium materials & top-notch techniques.

Wide Reach

We offer printing services in the USA and around the world, ensuring your book reaches readers across the globe.

Competitive Prices

We provide transparent & competitive pricing for all our services. Allows authors to achieve their self-publishing goals without spending much.

Make Your Publishing Journey a Success Story

At Harmony Publishing, we believe that self-publishing should be empowering and rewarding. We are dedicated to helping you navigate the KDP process and achieve your publishing dreams. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and discuss how we can help you turn your book into a reality.

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Q- Is publishing a book on Amazon profitable?
Amazon provides authors with competitive royalty rates, ranging from 35% to 70% for each sale. The specific percentage you receive is determined by factors such as your book’s list price, the buyer’s location, and whether the book is exclusively published on Amazon.

Q- What formats are available for self-publishing through Harmony Publishing?
We offer both hardcover and softcover formats to cater to your preferences. Our high-quality books can be made in the USA or around the world based on your choice.

Q- How does Harmony Publishing ensure global reach for my book through Amazon KDP?
Your book will not only be available to readers in the USA but also globally. Amazon KDP provides a platform that reaches millions of readers worldwide, expanding the reach and influence of your literary work.

Q- What support does Harmony Publishing offer during the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing process?
We provide support at every step of your self-publishing journey. From manuscript submission to the first sale, our dedicated team is here to assist you. Our goal is to make your self-publishing experience with Harmony Publishing a successful and enjoyable one.


Harmony Publishing is a self-publishing company that offers a wide range of services to help you print and publish your book. We offer hardcover and softcover formats, and our books are made in the USA and around the world . We can print your book in as fast as 7 days!


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